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Windows Software
Bugs Dynamic Cryptography 4.1.1

Active Network Monitor 1.31

DeviceLock 5.53

Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.2

File Pulverizer 5

VBOLock 4

Password Safe 2.01

GFI Network Server Monitor 5

Linux Software
Awesum 0.5.0

The Sleuth Kit 1.69

passwd_exp 1.1.1

XML Security Library 1.2.5

Samhain 1.8.6

Ettercap 0.7.0 pre1

pam_usb 0.2.2

Tcpick 0.1.22

Netegrity SiteMinder Affiliate Agent Cookie Overflow Vulnerability

Symantec Multiple Firewall TCP Options Denial of Service

Unreal Engine UMOD Arbitrary File Overwriting Vulnerability

Advanced Guestbook 2.2 SQL Injection Exploit Vulnerability

Yahoo! Mail Account Filter Overflow Hijack Vulnerability

PostNuke 0.726 Phoenix Multiple Vulnerabilities

Linux Kernel Setsockopt MCAST_MSFILTER Integer Overflow Vulnerability

Phorum 3.4.7 SQL Injection Vulnerability

Mandrakelinux Security Update Advisory - kernel (kernel)

SGI Security Advisory - SGI ProPack v2.4: Kernel update #3 (40405-01-U)

Gentoo Linux Security Advisory - Multiple Vulnerabilities in ssmtp (GLSA 200404-18)

Gentoo Linux Security Advisory - Buffer overflows and format string vulnerabilities in LCDproc (GLSA 200404-19)

Gentoo Linux Security Advisory - Multiple vulnerabilities in xine (GLSA 200404-20)

Gentoo Linux Security Advisory - ipsec-tools and iputils contain a remote DoS vulnerability (GLSA 200404-17)

SOT Linux Security Advisory - Updated cvs package for SOT Linux 2003 (SLSA-2004:17)

SGI Security Advisory - Vulnerabilities in long-lived TCP connections (20040403-01-A)

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· Office Update (14)
· Windows Update (9)
· Microsoft Downloads (14)
· Microsoft Technet (21)

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